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I am pleased to inform you that The International Baccalaureate Organization (IB) has approved Bedayia International School for authorization to offer the Diploma Programme.   
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FAQ in Elementary Dept

 1-As a parent, what is my main reference?

As a parent, your main and only reference is the daily report where it states the material covered in class, homework also we have a column for quiz reminding where each teacher is going to remind you with the quiz assigned one day in advance. If not stated this means there is no quiz.

2-Will my son/daughter have more than one quiz per day?

My dear students will receive either no or only one quiz daily where all the subjects are assigned biweekly. Quizzes are assessment for learning, please let your child study by0 him self and refer back to the teacher if there is a problem.

3-How should my dear students use the LMS?

The LMS is a source for the daily report where it is found in the home room section.  Our dear students were trained and will complete training on the use of LMS this week. Also the LMS is considered an electronic library where all the materials used in class is uploaded by the end of the week where my dear students can enjoy this material through the weekend. This is optional, still hard cover books are sent before quizzes and homework.

4- My son`s /daughter`s bag is very heavy, how can this be solved?

Students are directed to use the daily report which is hung daily in classes at 1:30. Organizing the bag as per the class schedule sent to you before can help too.

5-We have too much work to be done daily, OVERLOADED

Homework sent every day rarely reaches three to four homework checking understanding. It should not take more than 30-40 minutes max. It takes more time or requires your intervention if your son does not understand and as mentioned before, please do not interfere, and refer back to his teacher via emails to re explain the lesson.

6-What if subject homework is assigned on a day different than the day scheduled?

You are not required to solve this homework and feel free to contact me or the school office regarding this.

7-Does my son/daughter loose grades for mistakes in the homework?

Definitely no, once he/she submits the home work full grade is acquired, in case of difficulty in solving it please, contact the teacher and the grade will not be lost.